Do you know Brand O&J? You will soon!

Chery has global ambitions with its OMODA and JAECOO brands and will soon launch them on international markets.

The announcement was made during a special Brand Launch Conference in Wuhu, China, on the sidelines of its activities at the Shanghai Auto Show.

The two brands, one of which has already been launched in South Africa, will be managed under a division called O&J Brand for OMODA and JAECOO. Nearly 400 people, including dealers, media, and partners from 67 countries were present at the announcement.

Chery Group this week unveiled its OMODA 5 EV and JAECOO 7 and 9 at the Shanghai Show. Of the two JAECOO models on display, one - the JAECOO 7 - is production ready and will soon be shipped to international markets.

According to Zhang Guibing, General Manager of Chery International, the O&J Brand models are entering the market during the fourth window of opportunity in the automotive industry.

This time, the window of opportunity is focused on new energy vehicles and technologies and intelligent mobility. At the same time, the world is shifting to sport utility models and crossovers, with more and more models in this segment entering the global Top 10 best-selling vehicles. O&J Brand will specifically target buyers in the crossover and SUV segments and more specifically young people and those who are young at heart. As such, all the models from O&J will have a very striking design language and a high level of technology.

Where the two brands will diverge is in their design approach. OMODA will focus on modern and sporty vehicles and JAECOO will offer vehicles for the urban offroad enthusiast. Both brands will offer a very high level of personalisation, including of the vehicle and the interior technology. During the reveal of the O&J Brand concept, the engineers for these two brands announced that they have reserved 15 core technologies and are working on seven new models in four major applications for the next few years.

At the same time, the company will create a unique automotive ecosystem where clients of OMODA and JAECOO can learn more, share ideas, receive unique benefits and participate in the future creation of models in this segment.

With its modern range of vehicles and its plan to launch OMODA and JAECOO on more markets, O&J Brand has set itself a target of 1.4 million vehicles by 2030. It will soon introduce the new brands in markets such as Mexico, Israel and Kuwait, while South African customers can already enjoy OMODA vehicles.


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