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CROSS is a new and popular lifestyle among the young people. Every day, we CROSS from one scenario to another in the city, with a change of our identities and roles; and we CROSS from the real world to the Internet world, connecting with the world through virtual information exchange by CROSSING the limits of time and geography. We are not afraid of the fetters of traditional concepts, wandering in reality and virtual world, and willfully burning endless vitality.

Front View Interior Omoda
Front View Interior Omoda




Omoda C5

OMODA comes from the parallel universe CROSS of the near future , representing the new "we", the parallel universe provides space for different versions of "we" to live, so we believe that since there are different versions of "we" in another dimension, there must also be different versions of vehicles. OMODA brings vehicles of another space to the present, along with the advanced design, future technology, and different crossover (CROSS) ecological experience, which breaks the conventional order of the real world and foresees the future in advance, and creates a sense of cutting-edge technology and belonging for the new generation with its own characteristics.

Omoda C5


new automotive

design concept

With the improvement of the level of automobile research and development and the increasingly refined needs of users, a new group of users has gradually been formed, who demand a new model different from the previous simple sedan or SUV, which requires a combination of the characteristics of many models. Cross was created as a new automotive design concept, which integrates advantages of multiple automobile categories and brings more joyful driving experience by virtue of cross-platform or cross-functional development. In accordance with the global five-star safety standard, OMODA focuses on developing CROSSOVER style SUVs and creatively puts forward the design concept of Art in motion to offer users the most eye-catching design with a sense of future technology, meeting the demands of young personalities; with 10.25-inch dual screens and 17 ADAS, as well as 64-color atmosphere lights, users can enjoy the intelligent cabin of the future; and OMODA will bring a intelligent, fun, surprising and interesting driving life to the trendsetters of Generation Z with the most fashionable design, the most advanced technology configuration and the new OMODA ecology!

Omoada One
Omoada Two
Omoada Three



cross for future

OMODA shares the same mind with every OMODER, plays together, and is the most futuristic crossover SUV brand that gets the most out of young people. OMODA is a key that can access parallel universes, through which you can meet yourself in another space and explore infinite possibilities. OMODA respects every kind of lifestyle and inspires every OMODER to be who they are, showing infinite brilliance through OMODA. Come through the future, OMODA, CROSS FROM FUTURE, CROSS FOR FUTURE.

Omoda C5