Global acceptance for OMODA

OMODA, part of the Brand O&J division of the global Chery Group, is making waves across the world.

According to the China Federation of Passenger Transport (CFPT), the official vehicle sales authority in OMODA's home country of China, the brand has achieved a new milestone during the month of April, exceeding 10 000 units.

Selling more than 10 000 units, OMODA is following in the footsteps of its sister brand, Chery, which has been the leading Chinese vehicle-export brand for the past 21 years.

The CFPT reported recently that OMODA exported 10 781 units in April 2023. This indicates growth of 9% compared to March 2023.

With this new milestone, OMODA has increased its exports for the first four months of the year to 37 895 units, in itself a new milestone for the brand.

"One should keep in mind that all of the export growth is represented by one single model, the OMODA C5," says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of OMODA South Africa.

"As Brand O&J expands with new and innovative OMODA models and with the global introduction of JAECOO, we expect this export number to increase rapidly, as we have seen with its sibling Chery."

OMODA and Brand O&J were officially introduced in South Africa in March this year when the group introduced three distinct versions of the OMODA C5. It has since appointed 30 dedicated OMODA dealers and a dedicated parts distribution centre adjacent to that of Chery South Africa.

"With the OMODA C5, we are able to welcome an entirely new group of car enthusiasts to the Chery Group," says Liu.

"While the Chery Tiggo Pro range has found favour with families and SUV enthusiasts, and now consistently sells more than 1 000 units a month in South Africa, OMODA is reaching a new buyer who is looking for something at the cutting edge of vehicle technology and with a design that is unique."

OMODA has a special surprise in the pipeline for these early adopter customers.

The group announced that it would soon expand its global range with the introduction of the OMODA C5 EV, an all-electric model that is slated for global release in the fourth quarter of 2023.

While it is working on new models, and the upcoming global introduction of the JAECOO brand of adventure SUVs, Brand O&J is also actively expanding its reach in North America and Europe.

In May, OMODA was launched to great applause and excitement in Mexico where it introduced the OMODA C5 with an impressive outdoor audio-visual concert that introduced both the vehicle and the O Universe of customer benefits to Mexican buyers.

Recently, OMODA announced its first shipment of OMODA C5 models to Spain. These models will spearhead a rapid introduction of Brand O&J models into Europe, arguably the most demanding automotive market in the world.

"While OMODA's export growth allows the group to accelerate its investment in new technologies and new models, it is even more important as a proxy for our brand acceptance in markets outside of China. We will not take this lightly and will continue to focus on customer service as the foundation for our future in South Africa and other export markets," says Liu.


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